OCTOBER 2, 2019

Wailea, Maui 

Today's Meeting
Meeting opened at noon by president Joanne.
Pledge of Allegiance by: Kit Hawkins

Inspiration by: Barry Rosenfeld:  Peace comes not from conflict in your life, but dealing with the

conflict. Everyone—have a peaceful day!

Hawaiian Word of the Day:  Local Terms: “Sand Hills”—to the left as you go up to Wailuku; housing development built for WWII returning veterans; the name--‘Na Koa’ (the warrior) drive, honors their service.

Introduction of Guests:                            

Zack Allinger                                              

Carol Ann Barrows 

Courtney Bruch                                          

Nykki Haroin                                              

Gerald & Daryl Jones                               

Sara Matheson Lee                                      

Cheryl McCandliss                                    

Udar McCarty                                              

Grace Purusha                                        

Al Weiland                                                  

Karen Weiland                                            



  • School Supply Drive: Elizabeth said that our School supply drive was a success on Sept 21st at Safeway, even though we had one door only. We gathered $875 in cash and the Lokelani teachers who asked specifically for certain items had these supplies delivered this week. Thanks to all who took a shift and contributed supplies or cash and especially Elizabeth and Gary who patiently separated all the items into categories.

  • Pau Hana: Next week  Wednesday, October 23 at 5 p.m. on the lawn by 5 Palms.

  • World Polio Day: Remember October 24th is the next day is World Polio Day and If you have  change to donate to our Small Change For Big Changes Drive this month—just put the cash into the jar and our Interact class at Lokelani will be tally this all for us over the next 3 weeks.

  • There’s a form going around for you to sign to give me the dates—real or approximate when you plan to be off island from now until the Springtime.

  • 2020 International Convention: Thank you, Suher, for stepping up to be our POC (Point of Contact) person for the 2020 International Convention. Any new announcements or information will be forwarded to you by her.

    • A Breakout Session about our Rescue Tube project has been sent in for 2020 Convention and Dennis is the point man to bring Kauai and Maui—we’ll hope to get accepted

    • Volunteering at the Convention: Paige gave some information us regarding any members who wish to volunteer for the 2020 International Convention on Oahu. They’ll need from 800-1300 volunteers who agree to take 3 hour shifts. Click here for more information.

  • Polio Plus: Barry Hyman walked around our “Small Change = Big Changes” container and Polio Plus piggy bank for our loose change; October 9 & October 16th will also be collection days.

  • Maui Cattle Company Tour - Butcher Area—Nov 1, 8–10 a.m. Margie will have a signup sheet at our October 9 meeting for us.

Mark inducted our newest member, Allan Weiland; his sponsor was Jay Satenstein.  At the end of our meeting on your way out the door, President Joanne asked all to please give their best alohas to Allan and his wife, Karen.
Happy Dollars: Suher found at least one member happy about spending time on Keawakapu beach.
Today's Speaker
Debra Greene PhD from KeepYourPower.org

Dr. Greene presented the latest happenings in Hawaii with the new 5G or 5th generation wireless infrastructure(to replace older 2G and 3G) wireless systems for faster and more inclusive coverage. It adds onto, but doesn't replace the current 4G (LTE) infrastructure your cellphone now uses. 4G operates in the microwave range, like your microwave oven, 5G uses higher (millimeter) frequency (24 ghz and above) which doesn't travel as far as 4G, so it requires more and closer together antennas, which will be installed on every 2 to 10 homes. 4G antennas are high on towers and buildings, but 5G "small cell" antennas (that look like small canisters) will be installed at eye level and on homes, light poles, and public infrastructure. 5G will also be broadcast from 20,000 near to mid-orbit satellites. There are already 57 5G small cells operating on Oahu, linked to an orbiting Starlink satellite. 

5G will provide much faster downloads, an interconnected web of artificial intelligence, and the internet of things (IOT) (internet of everything). This will include "smart devices" including, pills,  home appliances, cars, homes, businesses, neighborhoods, cities and ultimately a world-wide internet of things. An interesting example of this technology already in place is "Smart diapers", which send wireless signals to an app on your phone to let you know when a diaper is wet and needs changing! Your personal data is carried by the networks and susceptible to surveillance and theft. Last year, 5 billion data records were stolen for their financial value. By next year there will be 20 billion 5G-enabled IOT devices. Each device has multiple phased-array antennas that emit multiple laser-like beams that allow them to track  and connect to each other. The FCC has approved 5G to operate at 20 watts, which is 10 times more powerful than 4G.

Debra told us about "Project 530", to build 1 1/2 ton, solar-powered, football-sized drones on Lanai for to fly and broadcast 5G full-time over Maui County. Update: as a result of an opposition email campaign, the company seeking a permit for the project withdrawn their request.
There have been thousands of peer-reviewed studies providing clinical, experimental, and epidemiological evidence, mostly on 3G and 4G and EMF (electromagnetic fields) that show the health risks of wireless radiation. A $25 million National Institute for Health toxicology program study indicating wireless radiation can cause cancer and heart and DNA damage. The World Health Organization has classified wireless radiation as a 'Class 2B possible carcinogen', a category including DDT, lead, asbestos, and chloroform. It can interfere with pacemakers, and has been shown as a factor in a long list of health problems including tumors, leukemia, cardiac dysfunction, dementia, DNA damage, etc. — as well as damaging the environment (birds, trees, plants, bees, etc.). Lloyds of London will not insure anything against the risk of wireless radiation health effects. Asked about the New York Times report that skin is a protective barrier to 5G radiation, Debra said that her published article shows it's the opposite, and that sweat ducts actually act as magnifying antennas for micro-radiation. 

The telecommunication industry has not done any safety studies on the use of 5G, and has no plans to do any studies. The Harvard Ethics Review describes the FCC as having been "captured" by the industry. The agency's safety limits, based on research from the 1980's has not been updated since 1992. Nine countries have set radiation limits lower than the U.S.

For more info on 5G go to www.safetyg.net, keepyourpower.org, facebook "5Gfree Hawaii",  


Dr. Greene suggested we contact our legislators to ask about health studies and other permissions for this new system.


You can contact her at (808) 874-6441  debra@keepyourpower.org

Click the arrows to view Dr. Greene's slide show

Acts of Kindness
Joanne shared a double act of Kindness. A kupuna contacted Joanne, saying she couldn’t come to the Are You Listening? workshop, and wanted to get some tips on how to help her hard-of-hearing friend. Usually Joanne charges for One-on-One coaching, however, all this changed when she discovered Eva had lived not just in Kaiserslautern, Germany but in Vogelweh, a neighborhood there—the same places and about the same time that Joanne was in Germany. They must have been on the same buses going to work! The pièce de résistance was that Eva is now living on Vineyard Street in Wailuku where Joanne lived as a child. Coincidence? Serendipity? Eva will get free coaching from Joanne for the Act of
Kindness she’s performing for her friend. Attendees today were encouraged to take a Kindness Curl from the blue bucket as a nudge toward doing something nice for someone.
Foundation Minutes:  Barry Hyman will have more information and latest updates on Foundation and the giving of our members at our October 16. Meeting. If you have a Foundation donation, please bring it to the October 9 meeting or mail it to Rotary, PO Box 175, Kihei, HI 96753.

Magic Marble Pot Amount:  $1,000; Marbles left: 3 blue and 1 gold one

Person drawing: Kit Hawkins; Result? Hoorah!!! After about a year and a half, we have a winner. Kit graciously donated 1/3 of the pot to the Foundation and 1/3 to be used for his Imua Readers program at Kamali’i Elementary school. Thank you, Kit, for this act of Kindness. And Mrs. Hawkins will have a fabulous dinner out with the last third!

Thanks to all the members who helped out today—Who? Joe, Mark, Barry H, Barry R, Sally, Paige, Jay, Sherry, Stu, Kit, Elizabeth, Suher, Fred.  We especially thank Sally for being our Secretary since July and wish her well as she wings her way back to Nova Scotia.
In the World of Wild and Wacky Commemoration Days:  … drum roll please……
  • National Kale Day—and I’m waiting with baited breath for the next trending veggie that will knock that awful tasking vegetable off it’s pedestal!
  • Oh, and it’s also National Name Your Car Day—Anyone here named their car?
Closing the Meeting

Reminder to all: Watch and listen and be prepared to do an Act of Kindness to someone in your world in until we meet again.

4 Way Test:  Kit lead us and Stu sang us out the door at 1:18 p.m.

Mahalo nui loa--Thank you very much  and a hui hou! --until we meet again.

Sally Dean
Kit Hawkins
Steve Moksnes
Joanne Doell
Stuart Karlan
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