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Lokelani Open House On Wednesday, August 29 Gary & Elizabeth did extra duty informing parents and students about what a Rescue Tube looks like and their purpose.  Pizza and pictures followed with Interact students gathering around the 'Tube'. Several families signed up to be helpers in monitoring the Rescue Tubes. 

Our 2nd Talk Story gathering, 8/30


Special thanks to Mark Harbison, Gary Redfern, Karin Carlson, who came to Mulligans on Thursday evening, 8/30. We were bumped by a “Grand Wailea” group (why they weren’t meeting at the GW is a matter of speculation) from the deck closest to the makai side of the restaurant, but still enjoyed the perfect evening weather, and the bright stars that prompted Karin to get out her Star Chart app to ID Venus and assorted constellations. We were joined by two women possibly interested in our club, Sara & Jolyne. Two Rotary Lumeria club members which meets in Makawao, (but gals live in Kihei) came at the invitation of Joanne who dropped in on Lumeria's 8/29 meeting Wednesday.


Lots of Talk Story with Sara and Jolyne as we found out about each of their lives and their interest in Rotary. Joanne had a handout that listed our club activities and opportunities to help out in the community. Some libations, and some pupu’s rounded out the delightful conversation. Several other potential members were invited but due to prior commitments, etc, could not make it. Hopefully, on 9/26’s Potluck & Talk Story at the Mana Kai, we’ll have more folks attend than we know what to do with!

So, dear members, start inviting those in your life who might want to make new friends, continue or create their special service to those in our community via our club, and just plain have fun! Let’s do this! Joanne

The Meeting
Meeting Opened at 12:03 p.m. by Joanne Doell, President
Inspiration by: Karin Carlson:
 From Christopher Columbus…“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
Hawaiian Word of the Day: Ha`aha`a: The value of humility; be humble, be modest, meek, unassuming, and open your thoughts.

Introduction of Guests:

Barry Rosenfeld: Rose Parade organizer has moved to Maui recently

Ron Capanash: Sunrise Club, Chandler, Arizona

Rosie HagenKarin’s guest—her second meeting with us

Maureen Fry                                                  

Maui Minute (visitor shares their best Maui Memory) 
Rosie Hagen has been on Maui about 40 years and recounted that many years ago, Maui Mall in Kahului (along with free beer and food) used to have something they called the “Blue Light Special”. Certain stores, randomly, would have a flashing blue light—and customers had 60 seconds to run through the store and take advantage of their store’s discounts. A shopper’s heaven!

Guest Speakers


​​​September 12   Sarah Sorensen, Founder and Director Wishing Well for Maui Students

  • September 19   Duc Button, Boy Scout Camping

  • September 26   No Lunch meeting; Talk Story with Rotary, Pau Hana Potluck 5:00 pm on the Green at the Mana Kai resort next to the 5 Palms Restaurant; bring a dish to share, a chair and your own drinks. We’ll Talk Story until sunset.


  • October   3   Gil McBarnet, Children’s Author

  • October 10   Rimma Murta, Maui Science Center

  • October 17   Laura Berthold, Maui Forest Birds

  • October 24   No Meeting, possible Talk Story with Rotary; TBA

  • October 31   Pau Hana


  • Nov.   7   Auntie Patty & Feather Lei demo

  • Nov. 14   John Buck, Deputy Director of the Maui County Dept of Transportation

  • Nov. 21   No meeting (Day before Thanksgiving) and 28th


  • Dec.   5      Barry Rosenfeld, Rose Parade Float

  • Dec. 12      Nikita, Habitat for Humanity

  • Dec. TBA   RCKW’s Christmas Party—probably before the 20th

  • Dec. 21      12:30 p.m   Lokelani/RCKW's Christmas Carol Sing at Kalama Heights

  • Dec 26       No meeting

January, 2019

  • Jan. 2   No meeting


Karin announced a Painting opportunity on 9/29 Sat-Hale Kau Kau; 8:30-1:00; paint benches—Rotary put them in years ago—lunch/snacks/drinks will be provided; sign-up sheet passed around with a good crew of helpers volunteering.


\We took up a  “Tip” donation for Richard, our server, who’s leaving Mulligans— he’s served us for 33 meetings since last Christmas; Rotarians off-island have received an email from Joanne to send their own donations for him to her—by September 15th, so we can give this aloha quickly to Richard. Mahalo!


Joanne—Our first Talk Story with Rotary was on July 4th at the old Tradewinds Poolside bar, and one guest attended with our members. Meet & Greet gathering was here at Mulligans on Thursday, Aug 30th, 6-7. Two prospective guests came and we talked ourselves through and past the sunset; 2 Rotarians from Makawao who live in Kihei joined us as well. We’ll continue an evening gathering at different places as we go thru our year.


Sept. 26 Pot Luck at 5 Palms/Mana Kai at 5:00 pm on the ‘green’. This is a big deal and the launch of a project to bring into our club multigenerational members—and every member needs to consider themselves on the “Membership Committee”. Mark your calendars—Elise will coordinate; I’ll be off the island a great time to invite some new guests. Bring a dish to share, your own chair and drink(s), a prospective member for us and, of course, Rotary’s #5 value—Is it Fun!!!


Barry Rosenfeld, who will be one of our guest speakers in December, made an announcement regarding Rotary’s float in the January 1, 2019 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, prior to the Rose Bowl game there. Want to ride or walk that parade? $10,000 to share float (2 seats left) with our Int’l President, Barry Rassin, and $6,500 to walk alongside it. Or, there are opportunities to help create the float on 12/31/18.   And does anyone see the delightful irony in Barry’s last name…Rosenfeld=field of roses?



Rescue Tubes Update

Gary & Karin shared information about an “Eh, Brah” cartoon in last week’s Maui Time publication, and articles to inform the public that vandalism is occurring on the Tubes and the danger of this; 9 lives have been saved in this past year—one just this past July 1st. A video and a short and clever PSA produced by students from Maui Waena Middle School were shown. One guest suggested both of these be given to the surf/diving shops in Kihei to show to their customers who are getting instructions on surfing, snorkeling, and hopefully, ocean safety. Plan is to have these PSA’s also put on all manner of social media to get the word out.

Rescue Tube Instructional Video

Rescue Tube PSA

KHON News interviews Gary Redfern about our Rescue Tube Project


Sarah Foley, Ms. Wheelchair-Hawaii’s contestant to the Ms. Wheelchair America 2018 competition in August.               


Sarah spoke on lessons from unexpected places, strength and, of course, miracles.           


Sarah mesmerized our club with her personal memoir of her journey from an accident 4 years ago to today—being thrown from a 4-wheeler in Utah while vacationing with her boyfriend, having severe injuries which included a break at her fourth thoracic vertebrae, many broken ribs and her clavicle with virtually no scrapes nor bruises on her skin. Waiting for one-and-a=half hours for evacuation via medical helicopter, the many hours, weeks and months of physical therapy and rehab and the serendipitous appearance of a Native American healer months into her ordeal when Sarah had severe head pain. The healer placed a hand on her back and announced that Sarah had contracted spinal meningitis in the hospital and needed immediate help. That accurate diagnosis saved Sarah's life and still astonishes her. She also received wisdom from an aunt who whispered to her, “ Never ask "Why did this happened to me?”—advice she’s followed faithfully that has given her confidence and a new understanding of her role in life.

Her many hospital stays prepared her for independence and a future life with all upper body strength, but did not prepare her for how to integrate her immobile lower body and legs, into her new life—no one told her how to do that.

Eventually Sarah came to understand herself as “sexy” again, began a blog  titled “Vertical Blond”, married her boyfriend, moved to Maui, and with encouragement, decided to join the Ms. Wheelchair America competition. She won for Hawaii 2018 and joined other chair-bound women from all over the U.S., ages 21-71, who shared their amazing stories. Sarah was the first runner-up and understood that the woman who won was there in that time and place to “do the most with the title," and Sarah did not feel that winning was necessary for her own sense of worth or her ability to inspire others. She currently administers the Vertical Beauty Project Launched in February 2018, which gives women with disabilities, specifically Spinal Cord Injury, makeovers, and photo shoots to capture their strength and allow their outer beauty to match their inner beauty.

P.S. by Joanne: “Sarah and I share the same trainer at the gym, and with other therapies she continues, especially now with an additional healer, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her walk into our meeting sometime in the next two years, having integrated her lower and upper body into wholeness and her new animated mission in life, fully formed. If anyone can do this, she can.”

Contact Sarah at  (435) 602-0851 or

September Birthdays & Anniversaries:


Happy Birthday to members present—Cynthia  (9/3), Elisa (9/13), Joe Mitchell (9/18); Manni’s 1 year of being a member (9/21). Off-island: John & Joanie Moore’s 48th wedding anniversary; Birthday greetings to Frank Schuster, Sandi Watts, George Fontaine! And thank you, Elise, for bringing in the yummy mini-cupcakes in celebration!




Happy Dollars:


Paige: Happy for: returning after a month away; sad that her parrot, named Rhaegar, a Green Cheek Conure, legband of “Aloha 835”, seems to have escaped into Maui skies. The great hunt for him is on!

Charlotte: Happy for: Celebrating her 80th birthday at the end of August.

Joanne: Happy for finding a duplicate of the brooch her grandmother loaned her while in high school and was stolen out of her gym locker. Joanne found the name of the designer 5 years ago and after all this time of scouring antique and 2nd-hand stores, estate sales and ‘net searches, found one online during our forced hurricane house arrest and received it last week. Wahooooo!

“Acts of Kindness”:

Stuart reported that Adah Askew, a former member and current "Friend of the Club" immediately left her home twice in the last week to visit Ronni Eiting Sofaly, a former member of the club who's husband, Barnie, passed away a week ago, and who's mother passed away yesterday.

Joanne anonymously paid for a person’s breakfast at Ruby Tuesday’s.

Magic Marble (Donation):

Pot value: $234; Number of Marbles: 42;  Person drawing: Gary Redfern—Nope, not this time!

Aloha Song and Closing the Meeting 
Kathy Hass
Cynthia Clark
Steve Moksnes
Stuart Karlan
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